NEWSLETTER January 2012
President : Val Pape
Contact Details: Chair Ken Mapp : 01974 821529 . Acting Treasurer : Val Mapp 01974 821529 Secretary : Beth Jones Newsletter, Annette Longland 01974 298577, Webmaster : Amy Theodorou 01974 298577 Committee Member: Christine Clinch 01974 298737
Chairman’s Welcome to the New Committee
 A (belated) Happy New Year to Everyone ! I was very sorry to miss all of you who went to the Big Do and the AGM, but I had a long- awaited operation on the day of the Big Do and was still recovering when the AGM was held some 4 days later on January 18th. Many thanks to the rest of the committee for standing in for me. I am standing down as Chair as I have been in that office for 3 years, the maximum time allowed to hold the position. Likewise, after 3 years as secretary, Christine Clinch is standing down from that post. Therefore, a big Welcome is due to Ken Mapp your new Chairman, and also to Beth Jones our new secretary. Many thanks also to Val Mapp who continues as acting Treasurer, Amy Theodorou as Webmaster, myself (Annette Longland) as Newsletter editor, and Christine Clinch as a committee member.
Good Luck to everyone for season 2012! Annette Longland

The AGM and Your New Committee
The AGM was held on 18th January at the Talbot Hotel, Tregaron. Twelve members attended, together with a friend of the group. Members voted on making a donation to the Welsh Endurance Team to help with travel costs to Ireland this year, where the Home International and Celtic Challenge competitions are being held. The election of a new committee resulted in the election of Beth Jones to join, with the old committee members remaining (except, sadly Pat Conn who is leaving for warmer climes- she will be sorely missed – her contribution to both the group and of course the wider endurance society is beyond measure- Thank you Pat ) but there has been a re-shuffle of offices held as outlined above in the chairman’s welcome.

The BIG DO (Annual Awards Dinner and Disco) Report
As usual the Big Do was held at the Talbot Hotel, Tregaron. Despite the best efforts of the committee, only 43 people managed to attend, but nevertheless, fun was had.
 We started the evening with good food, (very important), halfway through this we had the raffle. So many prizes, everyone who came must have brought a prize along, thanks to Ken Mapp and Roger Lunt for managing this. After the food, the prizes were awarded, with Pat Conn and Ken doing the work announcing, and handing out the trophies and rosettes.
Then Christine Clinch presented a lovely speech on behalf of the Chairman, Annette Longland, (who was unable to attend due to an operation), thanking Pat for all of her work and encouragement over the last twenty years, and a special gift was given to her from donations collected from the groups members and friends.
Finally, the disco began, a new chap was running it and the opinion was that it was good.
So, thanks to everyone for their effort organising the event, and well done to all the riders, horses and crews for their achievements during the year.
Roll on 2012. Anita Gordon

Longwood Christmas fun ride - Report 11/12/2011
This was the first ride of the new (2012) season as far the yellow cards are concerned – so remember to carry this forward for the 2012 group awards.
What a difference a day makes! Val and I, Chris Clinch and David Gordon, met at the crossroads in the middle of Longwood mid-morning on the Saturday before the ride, a fine dry sunny day. We set off to mark our respective sections of the course, three of us on foot, while David had the benefit of marking his section on motorbike. A couple of hours later, having marked the route, we set off for our respective homes.
Having received quite a good response in advance for the ride a reasonable entry was anticipated. However, Sunday morning arrived and the heavens opened (completely) and we thought all our efforts might have been in vain.
So thanks to all those who, despite the rain did turn up and enjoyed the ride. The course rode well, despite the pouring rain, and to all those fair weather riders out there you missed a nice ride, some lovely home made mince pies, hot mulled wine and a lovely atmosphere.
Monday dawned bright and fine- what a difference a day makes! Ken Mapp

These were, of course, presented at the Annual Awards dinner (i.e. BIG DO on January 14th)
Distance rosettes
150-300 KM
Anne Edwards and Spark, Kim Sinnott and D’Hab, Caitlin Theodoru and Sea Emerald, Ken Mapp and C.A.A. Labib
301-450 km
Beti Gordon and Next in Line at Grangeway, sally King and Vinushka, Anita Gordon and Ibn al Helal
Over 450 km Andrew Theodorou and Jamal
Pleasure ride Trophy
Ist Anne Edwards and Spark, 2nd sally King and Vinushka and 3rd Kim Sinnott and D’Hab
Four socks cup (highest non—competitive km in MWG- excludes PR winner)
Equal Ist Anita Gordon and Ibn al Helal, and Val map and Springuale Moonshadow and 3rd Chris Clinch and Afron Maunday
Daniel Thomas Trophy (for highest number of completed Novice CR’s in GB)
Ist Kim Sinnott and D’Hab (5 rides)
Llewellyn Trophy (for highest points for open horse over 7 years old competing at open level for the entire season). Ist Sally King and Vinushka
Charles Jones Trophy ( for unregistered horse or pony – most competitive km in GB)
Ist Andrew Theodorou and Jamal
Cleo Trophy (for highest competitive km in GB by reg Arab or PBA)
Ist Anita Gordon and Ibn al Helal, 2nd Beti Gordon and Next in Line at Grangeway, 3rd Caitlin Theodorou and Sea Emerald
Harvey Trophy (for highest competitive points in GB by young rider 14-21 years old)
Ist Andrew Theodorou and Jamal, 2nd Caitlin Theodotou and Sea Emerald
Amigo Trophy (for highest competitive km in GB by young rider 14-21 years old)
Ist Andrew Theodorou and Jamal, 2nd Caitlin Theodotou and Sea Emerald
Obee Trophy (for highet points in 40km CR open or advanced)
Ist sally King and Vinushka, 2nd Anita Gordon and Ibn el Helal, 3rd Ken Mapp and CAA Labib.
Raffles Trophy (for veteran horse or pony 16 years or over highest points in GB)
Ist Chris Clinch and Afron Monday, 2nd Ken Mapp and Rashid Aziz,
Anne Pratt Award (for veteran rider , highest points in all classes of ride in GB)
Ist Sally King and Vinushka, 2nd, Anne Edwards and Spark and 3rd Val Mapp and Springuale Moonshine
Slosh Bottle Award (crew award for the highest total Km crewed in GB)
Ist David Gordon (762 km) 2nd Annette Longland (758 km)
Kaybeejay trophy (for the highest points in ER’s in GB)
Ist Andrew Theodorou and Jamal (1564 points) 2nd Caitlin Theodorou and sea emerald ( 888 points) CAA Labib (230 points)
Huw Evans Trophy (for highest competitive km in wales)
Ist Anita Gordon and Ibn el Helal, 2nd Beti Gordon and Next in Line at Grangeway, 3rd Sally King and Vinushka
Iona and Catrin Davies trophy for highest points in Welsh rides
Ist Anita Gordon and Ibn el Helal, 2nd Beti Gordon and Next in Line at grangeway, 3rd Sally King and Vinushka
Blakey Memorial Trophy (for one rider on more than one horse)
1st Ken Mapp on C.A.A Labib and Rashid Aziz
Saintwestwell Team Trophy (teams of 3 horse and riders- highest points in GB)
1st The Generation Gap Andrew Theodorou, Caitlin Theodorou and Val Mapp
2nd Flash Harry team Anita Gordon, Beti Gordon and Ken Mapp
3rd Odds and Sods Team Anne Edwards, Kim Sinnott and Sally King
Black Horse Trophy (for help and attendance at MWG events- decided on points basis)
Ist Roger Lunt, 2nd Ben Webster, 3rd Colin Jacob
Hereford Horseshoe for the person who, in the opinion of the MWG committee has done most to help the group in 2011 David Gordon
Well done everyone!
Dates for your Diary
25th and 26th February . Tower ride. South and West- contact Harry, 01550 740607 details
13th March 2012 THE ANNUAL QUIZ Black Lion Hotel, Lampeter 7.30 pm. Teams of 4 – either come as a team or make up a team on the night. Bring non-horsey friends and relatives as well as non-horsey question sections. Light Refreshments provided, prizes for winning team. £4 per person. Other EGB groups welcome! Meet the challenge!
March 18th Wentwood in Spring . Contact Celia Saunders 07760 457787
15th April Pembrey beach ride – South and West Group – contact Harry 01550 740607
22nd April. Longwood Social Ride – Mid and North Wales Group. Contact Val or Ken Mapp: 01974 821529
28th April Mynydd Machen Challenge, 01772 436043
May 20th Linear Social ride from Tregaron Mart to Dolebolion. Mid and north Wales Group. Contact Val or Ken Mapp
May 26th/ 27th Pen Ddol Y Gader Contact Jane Clatworthy, 01550 720201
July 1st Trawsgoed Social Ride. Mid and north Wales Group. Contact Carol Jones 01974 821341
August date TBC Tregaron Ride. Annette Longland

For sale the following items from Anne Edwards: 01974 821338
Saddle Free n easy Endurance special blk saddle with 2 air flow numnah's 1 red 1 purple £500
Bridles: 1 x zilco red/blk cob £15, 2 x endurance with bit hangers red cob £10 each, 1 x Doc cooks red cob £15, 1 x Brass hackamore red cob £11, 1 Xred webbing cob £10
 Breastplates:1 xzilco red/blk cob £15, 1x blk webbing cob 2" wide £10, 1x blk red webbing cob 2" wide £10
Brushing boots L blk £5 L red £5
 Brand new Amigo Travel boots cob red/pumice (4) £20 Amigo 600 D Lite rug red/pumice 6-6" £20 Amigo Jersey Cooler red/pumice 6-3" £20 Landa standard Lite Navy/green 78" £20
 I have Reins and brow bands to match bridles + girth sleeves
All of the above I will take sensible offers

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